Software Development

Agile Software Development

We love building web, desktop and mobile applications using the latest technology. Our agile approach to software developments provides the flexibility required to ensure your project is a success. If your looking for efficiency savings, need to replace a paper based system, or are simply looking to integrate a web portal with data stored in another business system or data store we can help.

Sofware Development Swansea

We take ideas from concept to production ensuring the end product meets both requirements and expectations.

We have over 20 years software development experience focused predominantly in the development of web applications and more recently mobile applications. With this experience we believe comes a maturity. In the early days new software houses or developers are keen to flex their muscles and build new components /applications with newly found skills or the latest technology that is flavour of the month.

If the customer has the time, money and the outcome meets their requirements then everyone is happy and on to the next project but we have learned over the years there are addtional questions you need to ask your team to deliver true value for your customers.

  • Do we need to start building from scratch ?
  • Are there any open source frameworks / themes / components we can reuse ? Have we used them before ? Is there an active community ?
  • Is there a platform that could deliver 90% of the requirements and requires minimum customisation ? What does it cost ? How often is updated ?
  • Does the cloud really mean savings ? Are there cheaper hosting solutions available based on the non-functional requirements ?

So whilst we all love to code, we always take timeout to review customer requirements asking ourselves the questions above to make sure we are travelling in the right direction. It could save our customers money and also deliver a product / service into production in a quicker.