Bay Estate and Letting Agents


Bay Estate and Letting Agents


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.Net, C#, SQL, MS Azure, Javascript, HTML, CSS


March 2107

Project description

Bay Estate and Letting Agents are one of our longest standing customers who we work with on a regular basis. During one of our website review sessions we decided the existing theme needed a reboot and also needed to look good on both mobiles and tablets.

The previous Bay website was hosted on a wordpress platform, designed and built by ourselves at Infraweb. Whilst there were no real issues with the wordpress site the number of non-property related content and blog posts had not increased significantly since launch, and together we decided that going forward any updates could by completed by Infraweb using our managed service. This also reduced complexity in terms of the build and architecture as we longer needed to work with a CMS, the majority of the property related content was delivered via an intgeration with the Dezrez property platform.

We decied that the new site would be hosted on the Micrsoft Azure platform and opted for a managed web app to deliver the website. The template for the corporate site was build using Bootstrap as a foundation, wrapped with some server side C# for the custom intgeration work that needed to be ported from PHP to C#. The integration work ensured the new website could consume property data exposed by the Dezrez web services, providing addtional functionality to filter and search properties.


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