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PE Assistant


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Javascript, HTML, CSS, Azure


January 2020

Project description

PE Assistant was developed following a conversation with a dad whilst watching our children play rugby! The dad in question was a PE teacher who was replaying the cumbersome paper driven experience he and other PE teachers faced when completeing a yearly assessment for children taking GCSE PE at school.

To start the project we really needed to understand the exisiting problem so we spent some time with teachers understanding the current paper process, business rules and doing some document analysis. Once we had immersed ourselves in their "pain" we were able to offer suggestions on how we could solve some of the issues using an IT solution. We adopted an agile approch and started to develop and iterate a prototype giving the teachers early visibility of the product and importantly getting their feedback.

The sports calculator, PE assistants first product, launched in January 2020 and is now being used by several teachers and schools in Wales. We are continuing to work with the team to help develop and market the sport calculator further, whilst also exploring other great ideas the team have to help make their day to day jobs a little bit easier!


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