Urban Cyclery


Urban Cyclery Ltd


Software Develeopment, B2B Integration, E-commerce


.Net, C#, SQL, MS Azure, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Shopify


April 2017

Project description

Sam and Lucas from Urban Cyclery approached us for some assistance with their Shopify e-commerce store. In short, the team were looking to streamline a cumbersome product and stock management process that was being completed manually, entering data from exisiting B2B suppliers directly into the Shopify E-Commerce platform.

The team at Urban were receiving regular product and stock updates from numerous suppliers via a combination of CSV and XML files. Each of these files was structured differently so the team were doing thier best cutting and pasting data from all of the different data sources and uploading any associated images.

This was a very time consuming task but also required the team to search through hefty product listings to find the specific products that Urban Cyclery wanted to load on to the ecommerce platform.

Using the comprehensive API that the Shopify platform offers we constructed a custom .Net application that could automate the majority of the process, accepting feeds from each supplier and providing a unified interface to allow the team at Urban to select products and load them directly to the shopify platform.